"I found Todd Knapp on the OOIDA website and found he was very knowledgeable on the industry and answered all the questions I had.  He said he would form an LLC in our business name and sent information in the mail.  The corporate kit arrived by mail and it was was very professional looking.  Everything I needed was in the kit and very organized for the business and banks.  Alot of effort went into the making the kit and it exceeded my expectations on what to expect.  I would definitely recommend Todd Knapp to anyone getting into the trucking industry!"

Stephanie Parks
Clayton, OK

"My husband, I and our son are proud owners of an owner/operator trucking business.  After rifling through the OOIDA website one day, I came upon a very nicely presented informational ad for Todd Knapp, CPA services.  Upon researching the website provided I found Todd and Tammy Knapp both very informed about the trucking industry and all the topics that can take place in the industry.  Of course we were hesitant to make a move from “local” CPA’s versus staying in our proverbial comfort zone.  We are indeed glad we made the move to Todd and Tammy Knapp, in 2 short months of working with Todd and Tammy we are much more informed on the valid deductions available for our industry as well as much more knowledgeable as to our financial business rankings, this all is due to becoming users of the OOMS (Owner Operator Management System) which was created and maintained by Todd Knapp.  We now know our financials are available “at a glance” simply by reviewing the OOMS system, it certainly has become a valuable tool in identifying financial performance and bookkeeping efficiency.  And an additional caveat. Our son, who has never seen nor worked on a spreadsheet, finds the OOMS system very user friendly, clear and concise, and has since begun working on the spreadsheet as well!" 

Betsy Benning
Pgh, PA

"I have been an owner operator for 16 years and have used one CPA the whole time. Todd and Tammy Knapp have resolved all problems quickly and professionally.  All the questions I had were answered before I went mad. I only wish I could find a Carrier as good!"

Tom Beyer
Columbus, OH 

"We are  household movers based in Gresham, Oregon.  We have been with Todd and Tammy for several years now.  They are absolutely wonderful and prompt in anything that we may need from them.  Highly recommended!!!"

Robert & Janel Flynn  
Gresham, OR

"I bought a car carrier through an auto transport company lease purchase program with no money down on a 4 year note.  Todd formed an LLC to help with tax planning and contingent legal liabilities, and set up a trust account to manage cashflow.  At the end of the first year, I refinanced the remainder of the note from 3 years to 2 years and paid the truck off a year ahead of time and now I'm working on getting my own authority.  Todd has been a big part in the success of my business."

Richard Davenport  
Cowihie, WA

"I have been using Todd as my CPA for over 10 years and he has gone above and beyond the call of what is needed!  I have been through some very rough roads and Todd has been like a mentor to me, always knowing how to handle my difficult financial situations.  I will be using Todd for all my future endeavors."  

Ron Kaminsky  
Griffith, IN

"I have worked with Todd and Tammy for over 12 years.  They have always had respect for me and my business.  The lines of communication are always open and they are quick to return my calls and offer up some helpful advise.  They work hard to help me, and that is just what I need.  They are always friendly and leave me with the feeling that my business matters.  I encourage anyone who needs great business consultants, to give them a call.  I'm sure if you do you will find them eager to help you too!"

Leo Cali
Broken Arrrow, OK

"During the time I have been associated with the firm of Todd D. Knapp, CPA, P.C., I have been more than pleased at their accurate responses to any and all questions and problems I have had.  Todd and Tammy are top notch in my book, finest I have had the pleasure in dealing with since starting in the trucking industry 30 years ago."

Karen Hunter
Commerce, GA

"Todd Knapp is the real deal accountant that all drivers need to use. Todd has been my tax guy for 11 years and I know I have one less worry while out on the road."

Fred Bremen Jr.
Chino, CA

"OOMS is a great program!  It's easy to use and helps me to understand how my business is doing.  Everything is entered at month end and takes about 10 minutes.  I highly recommend this product to all Owner Operators."

John Schoenfeld
Bemidji, MN

"The Owner Operators Management Solution is very user-friendly.  What could take us hours manually, just takes minutes with OOMS.  We highly recommend it to Owner-Operators!"

Todd & Jyl Godwin
Georgetown, TX

"My wife and I have been clients of Todd and Tammy Knapp for over 8 years, and they never cease to impress me with the level of professionalism they have when handling our taxesI  I've been a business owner for over 13 years, and without having the advice of Todd, we would have been in deep water.  This year our family experienced some major changes, my wife and I are now active duty military, and our business is waiting on the side for when our contract is over with the Army.  Todd took the time to explain all of our tax options, and in doing so, we used him to file our business and personal tax returns. I can honestly say that if we would have taken our taxes to a tax chain service they would have overlooked all the tax exceptions and credits that Todd has managed to find on our behalf.  Todd went above and beyond when researching the tax code, and we are deeply grateful for all his hard work.  Even though my wife and I will be overseas, Todd has assured us that he will take care of our taxes while we are deployed. I highly recommend Todd and Tammy to anyone for business and personal tax work.  Thank you for a job well done!" 

PFCs Sean & Tiffany Hamilton U.S. Army
Fort Riley, KS

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