Owner Operators Management Solution™ is an affordable, accurate, and easy-to-use single entry accounting program designed for owner operators and small fleet owners with applications in all segments of 
the trucking industry.  OOMS™ optimizes financial performance by keeping you in control of your business.  

Tired of sending paperwork to your accountant and the worry of it getting lost in the mail?  Go paperless with OOMS™ and leave your settlements and receipts at home. 

OOMS™ is the solution to transaction based, sophistcated and time consuming accounting software offered today.  
  • Runs on MS Excel 2007 or newer version
  • Easy user interface to navigate and master 
  • Single-entry monthly input module designed for bookkeeping efficiency and fast results
  • Statement of Operations universally combines Cost-per-mile (CPM), Earnings-per-mile (EPM), Profit-per-mile (PPM) and Profit and Loss Statement (P&L), all in one easy-to-read report
  • Tracks progress and indicates whether or not you are achieving expected growth
  • Helps plan for the future by indicating changes in profitabilty
  • Saves valuable time

"OOMS is a great program!  It's easy to use and helps me to understand how my business is doing.  Everything is entered at month end and takes about 10 minutes.  I highly recommend this product to all Owner Operators."

John Schoenfeld
Bemidji, MN

"The Owner Operators Management Solution is very user-friendly.  What could take us hours manually, just takes minutes with OOMS.  We highly recommend it to Owner-Operators!"

Todd & Jyl Godwin
Georgetown, TX

The Load Xaminer™ is an accurate and easy-to-use program designed for the owner operator to analyze the profitability of a load.  Variable and fixed input components deliver a final result of +ACCEPT+ or – REJECT – on 
each load tested.  Requires the user to input estimated assumptions including MPG for loaded vs. deadhead 
miles, percentage of idle time usage, average fuel price per gallon, and a per-day break-even expectation. 

  • Runs on MS Excel 2007 or newer version
  • Easy user interface to navigate and master 
  • Helps determine load profitability before you accept it
  • For more accurate results, flexible input criteria includes fuel surcharge, deadhead miles, hub miles, paid tolls, paid lumpers, and expected travel days to deliver

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We make tasks simpler and your work more efficient with our innovative industry specific features of a fully customized Chart of Accounts and Statement of Operations.  

After years of listening to our clients talk about past issues with bookkeepers and accountants, we were excited to offer a product that was created with their frustrations in mind.  OOMS™ was originally designed to work in partnership with our tax services.  We are pleased to now offer this product to all owner operators nationwide.  By provding your accountant with quarterly reports from the program, they will be able to make recomendations on truck purchases, trades, dispositions, estimated taxes, year end planning, and other critical financial decisions throughout the year with the use of accurate and up-to-date information. 

The fully customized accounts are specifically designed for all truck industry segments including, but not limited to; Local and Long-Haul Trucking; Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), Hot Shot, Expedited Delivery Services; Dry Van, Refeer, Flat Bed, Dump, Tanker, Specialized Trailer Transports; Heavy Haul, Line Haul, Household Mover, Log Haul, Dedicated Cargo Transports; Auto, Agricultural, Livestock, Container, HAZMAT, and Specialized Freight Transports.
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